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Tideswell's Cathedral of the Peak
Tideswell’s Cathedral of the Peak

Tideswell today is a bustling village, home to around 1850 people.  It has maintained its traditional feel – and has a thriving range of facilities and activities to make it a perfect base for your holiday.

The village is a hotchpotch of character cottages, individual houses and architectural gems, all squeezed into a tight network of alleys, lanes and narrow roads around a number of ‘squares’. There are many notable buildings in Tideswell including the spectacular Oddfellows Hall, built in 1872, which stands in an elevated position at the rear of the market square.  For a time, this was the Tideswell Picture House.

A walk around the centre of the village reveals a plethora of architectural features including mouldings, mullions, decorated gables and impressive facades, mainly utilising the local limestone or Derbyshire gritstone with a smattering of red brick sourced from the south of the region.

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